About Us

We’re truly grateful that you decided to join us here. Our love for technology runs deep and traces back to our childhoods. We have a three-man operation, each of us with specific interests and strong opinions. The blog will provide in-depth articles about technology that we find interesting. You will likely find facts that you have never seen before or opinions which you never considered. We want to hear what you think too, so voice your honest opinion in the comments section. If you have suggestions for topics we should cover or how the site can be improved, feel free to message us directly or leave your ideas in the comments. You’re here at an exciting time as we get started from the ground floor. Welcome.

Meet the Staff:

Howard Chaplinski:

Howard Chaplinski is co-founder of Edge Tech. He shares his blogging and creative writing insights at edge-tech.net. Howard is a systems engineer, gamer and overall tinkerer. Howard is not afraid to tell it like it is with little or no sugar coating. Howard also believes in the first amendment and isn’t afraid to use some “sentence enhancers”.

Antonio Raynor:


Devin Gamble:


Alfonzo Velasquez: