The Peak of Mobile Devices

With the release of Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and Apple’s IPhone X, both companies have thrown their respective hats into the ring. The phones are very powerful, containing the latest and greatest in mobile technology at the moment. The X even boasted a new, and controversial design. Despite liking these new devices, there is something missing for us regarding these releases – excitement.

We are all people that have used smartphones since their infancy. In the early stages, every year was bringing critical new feature like MMS, redesigned UI, multitasking, major cellular changes. It was easy to justify buying a new phone every two years because the phones would have changed so dramatically during that time frame. Starting. maybe, four years ago we started to see much smaller changes in the phones with each year. At this point, the transition from S8 to S9 was very much an incremental update, with not much changing. Honestly, even someone with an S7 wouldn’t be missing out on much besides design, because the S8 did not dramatically differ from its predecessor’s core functionality. It’s similar in the Apple camp, where the biggest change recently was display tech bringing parity with the market.

We have mentioned this before in the podcast, but it’s starting to feel an awful lot like the smartphone market has hit a soft-ceiling and there isn’t much, if anything, left to get excited about. I could be completely wrong here, but we would like to hear your opinions. Sound off in the comments whether you think the smartphone market has plateaued or if it can only go up from here.

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