Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

Violent, messy fun. These three words are best to describe Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. I just finished my play-through of the game and I can honestly say killing Nazi’s is still just as satisfying as always especially through the eyes of B.J. Blazkowicz aka Terror-Billy the continuing protagonist from The New Order. New Colossus plays very much like its predecessors (nothing wrong with that) and the intense actions sequences are a hell of a blast! Sorry, getting ahead of myself. First, let’s talk about the story:

Without major spoilers, the story in Wolfenstein 2 is actually quite engaging, despite being incredibly outrageous at times. This story’s time line picks up a few months after Wolfenstein: The New Order. Still playing as Terror-Billy, you wake up 5 months after the events of The New Order post nuking of General Deathshead’s fortress. The first level of game-play is very unique to any game previously played (and that’s saying a lot).Billy wakes up from his coma as the resistance U-boat comes under attack. Let’s just say it isn’t the traditional “run and gun” most would normally expect. Another, not so expected experience was the amount of cut scenes included during the game. For an action packed shoot ‘em up style type, this was something unexpected.

The story was captivating despite brief pauses for moments on board of the German U-boat (which mimicked a mini hub world). Being on the U-Boat does allow you to take a break from the main story as Billy walks around and does favors for your companions but in reality, this could have all been resolved in a simple cut scene. Some may appreciate it but it honestly did not offer much value.

More about the rest of the characters starting with the Resistance: This group resembled more of a typecast crew and although fully developed, there just wasn’t enough to make them memorable as the game progressed.  Next is the main antagonist, General Engel. Ruthless, cunning and determined would best describe her demeanor. She has taken over as the right hand of the Nazi party and is definitely someone you would most likely want to see offed as soon as her appearance is revealed.

As mentioned before, the story can go extremely off the wall at some points but if you’ve previously played any Wolfenstein games, this should come as no surprise as this is an alternate reality to begin. I chose to play on “Do or Die Mode” (which is the equivalence to hard) and took about 7/8 hours to complete. This also includes tackling some “side missions” you get access too along the way. I say “side missions” because they are basically, “go back to a map you’ve been to and kill a Nazi leader”. This was fun but repetitive.

Next, the game-play. Unknowing if this was just the controller or the game but there were a few moments were my controller decided to spaz out. The controls themselves felt tight and the gun-play felt amazing. I found while playing this game the best course of action is to keep moving and firing. At any point when I tried to hunker down, I usually ended up being flanked or overwhelmed. On that note the A.I. in the game had a very wide gap. Sometimes they were tactical and tried to flank, where-as other times they would stand in the open and fire continuously which allowed me to take advantage of popping in and out from around a wall firing dual wielded assault rifles. Yes, you can duel wield everything here again, at one point I had a grenade pistol in one hand and diesel fueled mine shooter in the other and the results were as amazing as they sound. The enemy line-up is diverse enough but you will spend a majority of the time killing normal Nazi grunts and their heavily armored siblings. Occasionally there was a dog type or a few mechanized ones but they were pretty spread out throughout the game. I did discover on the harder difficulties you will be doing a lot of trial and error runs. I died numerous times in a few spots to the point where I had to take a breather and then go back into it. You are playing as a super soldier but you are still flesh and blood which means you’re still able to be kill easily.

Lastly, Machine Games and Bethesda did a solid job working towards their final product. I played on a PS4 and Wolfenstein 2 looks amazing! Killing Nazi’s never looked as realistic as now! They also did a great job reducing load times throughout the experience going seamlessly from gameplay to cut-scene when starting/completing new levels. There weren’t many graphical rendering issues discovered which can be expected from a Bethesda game. The longest of the load times were honestly when after dying and had to reload a previous save. One of the perks offered now is that you can save manually anytime. This came as a surprise mainly because most FPS games live on auto-saves, but here you can take advantage of a manual save when you get past a really hard fight and have no desire to redo it.

The big question: Is Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus worth the price? Yes and no. If you love the intense fast paced running and gunning style then this game would be for you. But if you’re more into tactical shooting or cover based then you may have a harder time especially on a harder difficulty. That said, I am giving Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus an 8/10. It’s a solid game with a few things here and there that I didn’t like but with solid gameplay and an interesting enough story, overall I found this game to be a fun blood soaked good time.

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