AMD finally turns a profit

AMD reported its Q3 earning on 10/24/2017 and it looks like things are finally picking up. According to the Q3 results (Full press release HERE) AMD had a profit of 71 Million in Q3 of 2017, this is on the heels of major losses in Q1 (406 million) and slight loss in Q2 (16 million). AMD reported a 26% year over year increase in its Computer Graphics department which is most likely spurred by both the Xbox one X and a recent increase in cryptocurrency mining.

AMD has long lagged behind Intel in development and sales of computer CPU’s and behind nVidia in its computer graphics market but it seems that new chips (both CPU and GPU) coming from AMD have finally started get them back on track. AMD’s offers in the CPU and GPU market have sought to challenge its rivals without breaking the bank for the consumer. In addition to Desktop chips AMD announced a new line of mobile processors that it says could be as much as 71% faster than other mobile chips from Intel.

While it may be a little to early to say what AMD has in store for the future its great to hear that they have finally turned things around. Even if you are on team Intel this news from AMD will surely bring some healthy competition into the market, making all of us the real winners.

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