Google’s Pixel 2, Is it worth your money?

Like many phone lovers I watched the Google event on Wednesday, October 4, 2017. When the event ended, it left me thinking, is the Pixel 2 worth buying. This is Google’s second time around the block now and said they have the answer to many of our everyday issues when it comes to staying connected to the world around us. For example, if you are somewhere, and you see something, and you want to know what it is you can just open the camera and it will do a search based off of what is in the picture. It will also provide you with information about that object. This is a nice feature but how many apps can do that now? I know for me being a Galaxy S8 plus daily user I have that with Bixby. It seems to me like Bixby got the idea from Samsung and said let’s at least match what they have. Speaking of matching during the event they took a shot at Samsung’s Bixby button. Google said they are not going to add extra button but if you squeeze your phone Google Assist will come up. Yes, you don’t have a button for your assist you just make it squeezable, how is that better? Think about it: How many times will you have your phone in your hand and squeeze it too hard and Google Assist keeps popping up. I know for me I have big hands and tend to hold my phone tighter to make sure I don’t drop it. How will the phone be able to know if I am just holding it or I want to access the assist?

The spec on the Pixel 2, IPhone 8, Note 8 and the S8 are so close that Google did not bring anything new to the table in that aspect. They are competing with giants so it seems as if they are just trying to keep pace at this point since it is only their second phone. For example, they offer the Pixel in two different sizes and have the second-best screen resolution behind Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8. When it comes to the camera they have 12.2 megapixels with is the highest among the four phones by .2 megapixels. Will the everyday user be able to tell the difference, I don’t think so but then again who am I. They did take some pages from Apple and Samsung, one is the removal of the headphone jack. Google will have an adapter for headphone for those who still use wired headphones or when the battery the wireless ones die. Something else they got from Samsung is having two phone different sizes but have the same features. With people taking so many pictures on our phones I would say having free unlimited storage for pictures at original quality is a huge plus for google. There are too many times that we have so many pictures on our phones and memory cards and we run out of space. This makes us have to pay for cloud storage.

So the question comes back, is the Pixel worth buying over IPhone 8, X and or the Note 8 or S8/plus? With Samsung already having Google Assist built into the phone and I’m able to do just about everything without having the Pixel now, I would say NO. Also, the Pixel 2 is only $50 to $100 cheaper than IPhone and Samsung. Pixel is not offering something different to make me want to jump the Samsung ship. To top it off the Pixel not having wireless charging just crushed everything, in my opinion. In December, I will write a review after I have time to get my hands on the actual device and see if my view has changed.

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